sustainability & zero-waste design

Our promise

We promise to consider all the people involved in making our garments, and the environmental impact in doing so, and work to minimise our footprint across the full supply chain for each piece. This is an ongoing project that we are committed to. 

We have the goal of making all our garments Zero-Waste. At Nisa, we want to promote sustainable fashion, and part of this means taking responsibility for any of the waste that we are creating in the whole life cycle of our garments.
We make our garments in small batches to minimise the creation of unwanted stock, and implement a number of processes to reduce waste creation during the manufacturing process.
We source our fabrics responsibly, prioritising natural fibres and encouraging circularity where possible. Our cotton and merino is knitted in Melbourne, Australia, and we use recycled nylon for our activewear and swimwear.
We want Nisa garments to get a second life. As part of our commitment to circularity, we've launched a 12-month pilot of a recycling programme in collaboration with Little Yellow Bird.