Nisa Recycle Programme

We're closing the loop by bringing new life to your old Nisa garments

Underwear is one of those products where the end of life is pretty definitive. Inevitably we hold onto them for too long (despite their holes and saggy elastics) because it feels so wrong to put them in the bin.

We're excited to offer a solution in collaboration with Little Yellow Birdwho will turn these garments into shredded fibres for use in a range of products like carpet underlay and insulation.

To say thanks for playing your part in our recycle programme, we'll gift you a $10 discount for your next order.

How to recycle your garments with Nisa

Laundry time

Make sure your garments are washed and clean so they can be processed hygienically

Deliver to the Nisa workshop

Drop your garments off to our workshop or send them to the Nisa Recycle Programme at the Nisa Workshop

Receive your discount

Once your garments have arrived, we'll send you a $10 Nisa credit via email

Our sustainability journey

Alongside our recycling programme, we use natural fibres and lean manufacturing processes to keep us green.