Our story



Elisha and Fowziya in Nisa's first workshop, 2017 

How we got started

Nisa was founded by Elisha Watson in 2017, when she was working as a lawyer and volunteering with the Red Cross' refugee resettlement programme.  She shared a love of sewing with many of the women in the former refugee community, and the idea of setting up a sewing workshop to provide employment opportunities took form.  Elisha quit her job, set up a crowdfunding campaign, and then went about the process of hiring her first employees, buying machines and looking for a sunny space to base the workshop (all with no fashion or industrial sewing experience, gulp!).  

Nisa's talented seamstresses could have sewn anything, but in the end underwear came out top for a number of reasons:

- There is already enough clothing in the world, whereas underwear is something we humans genuinely need 👙

- Underwear is small and compact - perfect for a small workshop 🛠

- It is universal.  We all love different clothes and have different styles, but at the end of the day most of us want cotton underwear for the simple snuggle factor 🧸

You can read more about how Elisha went about setting up Nisa here.





Why our briefs are the best

Our briefs aren't just good for people, they're good for the planet 🌎  We're proud to use GOTS certified organic cotton, knitted in Melbourne, for our briefs and bralettes.

For our swimwear, we use ECONYLⓇ yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon made from fishing nets and other nylon waste.

The most eco-friendly garment in the world however isn't much good if it doesn't look good & last the distance. We put months of effort into designing, sourcing and then making every new product we launch, with rigorous testing for both style and comfort.  This means, by the time a Nisa garment lands in your drawer, it'll be ready to be worn and loved for a long time.




See our workshop in action 

Our Wellington workshop is open to the public, and even has a shop inside! We'd love to welcome you in and show you what a small garment production facility looks like.  We're so proud of our people and processes, and jump at the opportunity to show them off ❤️

You can find us on the first floor at 99 Willis St, Wellington during our opening hours. We also run monthly tours, which you can book here.