Employment mission

nisa employees smiling in the workshop

Nisa was founded to provide people from refugee and migrant backgrounds with employment opportunities. When you buy a garment from us, it enables us to provide employment to people needing a foot in the door to the Kiwi workforce.

A job is about so much more than just a pay cheque, although financial independence is a great outcome. At Nisa, it’s also about making friends, practising English and feeling valued as a member of the team. 

Our dream is to build an alumni of 100 former employees who go on to inspire their own communities and start their own businesses. For us, success is not just providing a first job in New Zealand, but in providing a first step in a long career.

You can read blogs written by members of the Nisa team here.

Our impact statistics

We love working as a diverse team of people from all over the world, and every lunchtime  recipes and stories from back home are shared. Below is a map of the origin countries of our team members, past and present.

world map

Since we launched in mid-2017, we have employed 19 people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and 7 New Zealand-born staff. Some people ask us why all of our staff aren’t from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Having a mix of newcomers alongside people born and raised in Aotearoa allows cultural knowledge to be shared, as well as opportunities to practise English with native speakers, with plenty of laughs along the way.

We’ve provided more than 22,000 hours of employment all up. We survey our staff every six months (with responses submitted anonymously) to see what impact this has on their lives. The following is the results from our most recent May 2021 survey:

  • Skills development: Everyone said their job-relevant skills (e.g. sewing, dispatch, marketing) have improved since starting at Nisa, with 70% of respondents saying their skills have improved a lot.
  • Community connection: Everyone said they feel more confident getting involved in the community since working at Nisa, with 40% saying they feel a little more confident, and 30% saying they feel a lot more confident.
  • English improvement: 85% of respondents who speak English as a second language said that working at Nisa had improved their English ability.

  • Here are some quotes from the team about what working at Nisa means to them: 

    • "Feeling excited in the mornings!”
    • “Being able to contribute to a larger purpose helps with a sense of fulfilment."
    • “I learned a new skill.”
    • “Learning about so many stories about the amazing women that work at Nisa makes me feel more confident about the future.”

    The most important metric we track is our Employee NPS rating.  It’s a fancy term that stands for Net Promoter Score, and asks the question “How likely are you to recommend working at Nisa to family and friends?”, with 0 being least likely and 10 meaning that they’d definitely recommend it. We’re so proud to score 10/10 on all of the survey responses ❤️