Since being founded in 2017, Nisa has employed 29 women on their journey towards a bright career in Aotearoa.

A year after arriving in Aotearoa, less than a fifth of people from refugee and migrant backgrounds are employed. After three years, only a quarter of women from refugee backgrounds find employment.* Lack of employment is an obstacle to feeling truly valued and integrated into a community.

We've provided 51,509 hours of employment since 2017.
We've paid out $1.5 million in wages since Nisa was founded.
We make an impact

In June 2022 we received a GoodMeasure report from ImpactLab so we could quantify the effect Nisa provides to its employees. The report calculates social value: how much it would cost for members of the team to receive the additional improvements to their wellbeing that they get while working at Nisa.**

Meet senior machinist Olivia

"I’m very happy to have a job here - I’ve been sewing for 15 years, so I can use my skills. I always wanted to work because I want to improve my skills, and it’s great helping the Nisa business grow."