Our signature organic cotton

The main material we use for our briefs and bralettes is organic cotton. This fabric is knitted in our Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Melbourne mill using organic cotton. The mill has its own water treatment and solar power facilities.

The cotton itself is grown in India, and is blended with a touch of elastane to give it stretch – this gives our garments a great fit. For Nisa, blending is the right choice for the planet as it means that the fabric doesn’t get baggy over time, giving it a much longer lifespan.

We believe in the following hierarchy of fabrics, from best to worst:

  1. Organic fabrics – best for planet, made using a production process free from pesticides, artificial fertilisers and synthetic chemicals
  2. Natural fabrics – second-best for planet, as natural fabrics are made from renewable resources and break down much more quickly than synthetics
  3. Regenerated/recycled synthetic fabrics – fabric made from existing synthetic fibres
  4. Synthetic fabrics – fabric made from virgin (new) synthetic materials. We will only use these as a last resort, when there are no recycled options available to us, and we need to ensure the performance you expect of our products

Our swimwear and activewear

Our swimwear is made out of Eco Rib Light using a nylon yarn derived from post-industrial and post consumer waste. Soft and supportive, the ribbed structure also creates a natural breathable feature, making it moisture wicking and cool and comfortable to wear. Our swimwear occasionally incorporates deadstock - fabric leftover from another producer that would otherwise go to landfill.