What we have achieved since August 2023

What we have achieved since August 2023
We are all so proud of what we have achieved at Nisa since August 2023 - we reopened! We had an amazing PledgeMe campaign.

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to:

 🚀 Start Nisa 2.0.
🧦 Restock our check socks and have them named by you.
🩱 Make a gorgeous 2023 Swimwear collection, from amazing recycled fabric.
🪡 Buy a casing machine and are now able to make two styles of ethical underwire bras - in New Zealand! Check out the Adele Underwire Bra and the Ashley Active Underwire Bra.
😊 Hire staff from former refugee backgrounds, two part-time for customer service and one part-time for production.

We have also been able to:

🏃‍♀️ Redesign and launch our first Low-Zero Waste Activewear collection, to create significantly less waste in during the cutting process.
🎀 Make fabulous things for five other amazing New Zealand businesses through our new contract manufacturing service.
🏦 Pay off nearly half of the business loan we took out to purchase Nisa.

We are thankful for the unsung heroes too:

This week, we have had an amazing intern transform our fitting room into something lovely for our customers, and it even has carpet! (We have yet to put names up on the walls).

We have supported our staff:

Nisa has provided over 5,600 hours of work to our wonderful staff, who we love and appreciate so much. The impact is wider than the staff alone - it has a ripple effect to their families and community. Queen has bought a house, while Gioryanni and Gioryanni's two sisters, Queen’s daughter, and Olivia’s daughter are all over halfway to becoming nurses!


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