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About the designer

Yoshino Maruyama, a designer from Aotearoa with Japanese heritage, finds joy in collaborating with individuals who inspire her and share values of inclusivity and sustainability for both people and the planet.

She previously worked as a designer at Kowtow Clothing. After living in Japan for two years, she has returned to Pōneke. The Sunday print reflects her ode to the Aotearoa summer, with feelings of nature, positivity and play.

Our garments create opportunities

Nisa's mission is to employ women from refugee and migrant backgrounds. For many, Nisa is the first step towards a long and fulfilling career in Aotearoa New Zealand.

All of our garments are sewn in the Nisa Workshop in Wellington, our capital city. 

"Clothes are made for a reason, and they’re worn for a reason; it was a life-changing experience to be able to learn not just how to sew, but to discover what I am sewing for."

- Lorraine, Machinist