The stories behind our briefs

The stories behind our briefs

We wanted to infuse our undergarments with meaning and purpose.  Here are the stories behind the names of each of our briefs.


The name Quinn was chosen by Sylvia English in honour of her dearest canine companion.

Quinn had a pretty rough life - she belonged to a family that abandoned her because she was deaf and blind in one eye. She was rescued by animal welfare from a hoarder who chained her up and didn’t feed her properly. Sylvia took Quinn home from an animal shelter and tried to give her the best life possible to make up for the horrible start she’d had.

Sylvia describes Quinn as an infinite bundle of love with an unshakable resilience at her core. “Coming home to Quinn was so wonderful–it was like you'd be gone for years. If I had a bad day, Quinn knew, and showed it just by being with me.” Quinn got Sylvia through multiple jobs and mental health issues through the strength of her unconditional love 💞

Sadly, after only a few years together, Quinn got very sick and Sylvia had to say goodbye to her best friend. Quinn is much missed and always treasured.

We are honoured to name our hipster full brief after you Quinn ❤️

dog sleeping on a wicker chair


Ada is our cheeky hipster brief. The name Ada was chosen by Tamara Buckland in honour of Ada Lovelace, an English mathematician and writer from the early nineteenth century.  She introduced many new computer concepts and because of this, is considered the first computer programmer's. She was a trail blazer and remains a feminist icon 💻

Tamara chose this name because Ada is an important part of tech and women's history. “I work in tech myself and I'm passionate about women in tech and their stories.”

We are honoured to name our cheeky hipster brief after you Ada. 

painting of ada lovelace


Katherine is our high-waisted cheeky brief. Katherine is named after Kate Montgomery, who can only wear high-waisted styles following several bowel surgeries and an ileostomy.  We believe our briefs should celebrate every woman's body and the different stories they have to tell.

We are honoured to name our high-waisted cheeky brief after you Katherine ❤️

woman walking in the grass wearing nisa organic cotton underwear


The name Sabina was chosen by Kirsten Hagan in honour of her beautiful grandma who she never got to meet. “I do not have children (and won't be) but if I had, I would have named my daughter Sabina. It's a very very old name and I think it is very beautiful.”

We are honoured to name our high-waisted full brief after you Sabina ❤️

woman at the beach wearing nisa cotton bralette and briefs


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