Join the Fashion Revolution

Join the Fashion Revolution

This week is Fashion Revolution Week, a global movement pushing for ​​clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry. Given our employment mission, this is a topic that’s extremely dear to our hearts. We asked members of the Nisa team about their thoughts on the global fashion industry and how we choose to consume fashion.

Why should people love and take care of their clothing?

"Our clothes are one of our best forms of self-expression, and they keep us warm! Plus vintage and mended clothes are the most unique."

- Sophie, Customer Service

"It saves money, and you look so much nicer!"

- Queen, Production Supervisor 

Why is it important to you that people stop buying fast fashion?

"Fast fashion brands don’t value their makers enough - I think it’s only fair that their hard work be rewarded properly." 

- Lorraine, Machinist

"I wouldn’t say just ‘stop’, because behind fast fashion are millions of people’s jobs. Instead, I’d ask the consumers to love what they purchase and take care of it. But mostly, to the brands: take care of your people, and don’t overproduce. Not everyone can afford high fashion."

- Aurea, Retail

If you could say anything to the person wearing your garments, what would you tell them?

"How much love and time goes into sewing just one garment. From constructing the materials, to cutting out the pieces, to sewing and packaging each item of clothing; it passes through so many skilled hands."

- Elisha, Founder and CEO 

"I love what I made, and I hope you love wearing it."

- Pam, Production Manager


Why should we celebrate Fashion Revolution Week?

"To remind people why they should support ethical clothing brands."

- Yuri, Machinist

Why is it important to think about the people who make our clothing?

"Behind every garment is a team of talented makers who deserve to be paid fairly and acknowledged for their work. Often the prices of garments don’t reflect the true cost of labour - if you’re buying something cheaply, only a tiny portion of that goes to the machinist, and it’s often not enough to properly support someone’s livelihood."

- Emily, Marketing Manager

You can learn more about the Nisa team and read their stories here.



  • Ann Pibal on

    Well done Keep on sewing.

  • Marie Watson on

    I get it. Caring about who makes your clothes goes hand in hand with caring for your clothes. Loving what Nisa stands for. What a precious, beautiful team is pictured here.

  • Gill Winter on

    I love what Nisa is doing, and enjoy wearing your very comfortable undies. Thanks to all the team for your hard work and best wishes for the future of Nisa.

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