Turning Waste into Wearables

Turning Waste into Wearables

It was a nice surprise to see New Zealand Story Group's recent item on Turning Waste into Wearables! They mentioned Nisa's swimwear, along with Gemma Lee (https://www.gemmaleeland.com/) and Hākinakina (https://www.hakinakina.com).

"Nisa swimwear isn’t just comfortable; it’s conscious. Their reversible swimsuits are made from recycled nylon using post-industrial and post-consumer waste, as well as deadstock – which is fabric leftover from another producer that would otherwise go to landfill. "

We have a few final pieces of our #NZmade Swim 2023 range remaining, so have a look online https://nisa.co.nz/collections/swimwear to snap one up, or watch out for Swim 2024 later in the year 😉

Thanks for the mention New Zealand Story Group! #NZstoryteller



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