Thank you, amma

Thank you, amma

Picture of Queen, our senior sewer, with her daughter Lakshi and mum Packyam. This Mother's Day, Queen reflects on her relationship with her mother through the years.

In Sri Lanka, the word for mum is amma. My amma is a beautiful person, not only in how she looks but also in her heart. She is a great teacher, a lovely friend, and a strict parent. She is also my source of inspiration - I even started sewing because of her! We didn’t have much money after my dad passed away, and so I helped her with her sewing jobs for friends and family.

A happy memory I have with my Amma is when we flew together to NZ. It felt so good to have her by my side and not be alone.

My mum has supported me so much through my life. When I moved to Malaysia she took care of my daughter in Sri Lanka until they could both come and join me, 1 year later. 

Now we all live together in Wellington, and my mum has been helping and supporting me all the way. Living together means that I am able to work and not worry about my daughter, because my mum is with her. I know my mum is looking after her, even without me asking. I’m so grateful she is here with me in NZ and I can spend quality time with her, which my sisters aren’t able to do.

My mum has taught me so much. She taught me to always be kind, loving and share with others what you have. Even if it’s small, like 1 slice of pizza, and there are 4 people, you slice the pizza into 4 and eat it that way. They are really small things but they are big in life.

My message to my Amma this Mother’s Day is to say thank you. Thank you for being my biggest supporter, source of love and guidance in life. Thank you for everything you do. I love you, and happy Mother’s Day.


  • Steve Cosgrove on

    Inner Suburban Wellington is a small space with an amazingly diverse population. Thank you Queen, for sharing your unique story. This sharing helps enrich all of our lives.

  • Jeannie on

    Your amma is just fabulous. Lovely photo of 3 generations of beautiful and inspirational women.

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