Starting our Zero-Waste journey with Activewear 2024

Starting our Zero-Waste journey with Activewear 2024
We have the lofty goal of making all our garments Zero-Waste.

At Nisa, we want to promote sustainable fashion, and part of this means taking responsibility for any of the waste that we are creating in the whole life cycle of our garments.

We are starting our Zero-Waste journey with the launch of our new Activewear 2024 range. This range comprises leggings, shorts, two sports bra’s and a pair of men’s active boxer briefs.

It has been a lot of work for the team and very challenging to turn the Activewear collection into Low to ZeroWaste designs. One of the bra’s is not zero-waste, in order to maintain the bust support needed, but this is the beginning of our journey, and we are planning to overhaul all of Nisa’s patterns and turn them into Zero-Waste.

All the garments in this collection have retained the fit that Nisa's activewear is known for - high waisted, comfortable and long lasting. They are also all are made from our buttery soft recycled nylon/spandex blend!

Come along for the zerowaste ride - there is a better way of doing things, and if we want them to become the norm, we need to make them part of our everyday life, in an easy way. Nisa garments are a great way to start and you can check out the new Activewear 2024 collection online.

Trying to do things better for you, the planet and our people 🏃‍♀️🌏💛 ,
the Nisa 2.0 team

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