Donate a Pair

Donate a Pair

Nisa is teaming up with The Unmentionables, a charity that provides hygiene products at refugee camps.  Together, we’ll be doing something absolutely awesome: providing underwear to women fleeing conflict. 

The Unmentionables provide many products through their ‘dignified distribution’ model in Greece, Jordan, Uganda, and Kenya, however their most requested item is underwear.  This makes total sense - if you are leaving your home for good, you grab the photo album and family treasures. You don’t bring your entire underwear drawer.

Most underwear wears out fairly quickly, and many refugees living in refugee camps are not in a position to go out and buy more.  Their dignity and hygiene suffer as a result. That’s where Nisa comes in.

a group of women from the charity the unmentionables

Nisa makes organic cotton underwear, sewn by women from refugee backgrounds who have been resettled in Wellington, New Zealand.  For the Nisa team, helping refugees in camps who are awaiting resettlement has special meaning: it’s a chance for our staff to help those who came from similar situations they were once in.

For every $15 donated by customers through Nisa’s website, Nisa will donate one pair of underwear to a woman fleeing conflict via The Unmentionables’ distribution network. The $15 will go towards covering the fabric and labour cost of the undies.

Click here to donate today!


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