Take back scheme

6 July 2022

We're trialling a take-back scheme for our Luxe '22 collection, where we offer to take back garments at the end of their wearable life. Our aim is to divert waste from landfill, and take part in the shift to the circular economy by repurposing, recycling and regenerating existing textiles.

We're in the trial phase at the moment, as we need to understand the quantity of garments that will be returned to us, and the condition that they're returned in, to be able to assess the most appropriate pathway to keep them in circulation.

We're firm believers in the waste hierarchy, with our most preferred to least preferred solutions being:

  1. Prevention: Preventing waste is the best solution. We do this by aiming to make high-quality garments that last the distance. We do extensive product testing, and monitor customer feedback to ensure that garments are meeting our expectations for longevity. This is why we use blended fabrics (organic cotton or nylon with a touch of elastane) that are harder to recycle, but increase the wearable life-span of our underwear by a number of years!
  2. Re-use: We want to understand what can be reused and who is interested in this. For example while we know there are some cultural taboos around wearing second-hand underwear, we know of others who often buy second-hand bras.
  3. Recycling: Recycling technologies for blended fabrics exist, but the infrastructure is lacking. By offering a take back for our garments now, by the time infrastructure is in place to support recycling we should have a clearer idea of what scale and type of Nisa garments will be suitable to go through this process.
  4. Recovery: Turning higher-value materials into lower-value materials is lower down on the waste hierarchy. This involves turning the pre-loved garments into stuffing or rags. While not ideal, right now this is a much better option than sending textiles to landfill.
  5. Disposal: This is obviously our least preferred option!

How to return back your Nisa Luxe at the end of it's wearable life

Please contact us at hello@nisa.co.nz and we'll provide you with a free returns label to return the garments back to us, or come and drop them off at our Wellington workshop.

It's really important that the garments are washed before they're returned. Most recycling facilities refuse to take back underwear because a number are delivered unwashed, which is a health and safety issue for their staff who process the garments. We know this won't be an issue for our lovely community ❤️